Training History

Ideas for what kinds of issues that Heather is trained to help you deal with.  

Counselors have a wide array of specialties, and sometimes it is difficult to determine who might have the background of training you need.   My niche is Complex PTSD.  I focus on helping clients with attachment and/or trauma wounds.  I have a no nonsense style, you get what you see with me.  I realize I am not for everyone.  If you want to work to get better, even if you are stuck in quick sand, if you want to work, let's see if we work as a healing team.  

Heather maintains her EMDR certification (since 2016), Telemental Health Credential (2020), her Internationally Credentialed Sandtray Therapist Status (2023), and her Animal Assisted Treatment - Interventionist (2023) Statuses.  Over the years she has found that maintaining top level trainings keeps her from burnout (compassion fatigue) while fostering an environment for clients to grow into the best version of self.  

With that in mind here is a sampling of her trainings since 2020:  

EMDR Reboot

EMDR and Sandtray

Immune system, who gets sick

Ethics and Suicide

IFS and Coherence

EMDR Agate Institute 4th Summit

Clinical Supervision

Distance for mental health (telemental health certification course)

Intro to trauma bonding

Mandated Reporter training (every two years)

EMDR Safe and Practical EMDR for Complex PTSD

HOW EMDR has changed lives

Delivery of EMDR in Metropolitan Police Department

The elephant in the room:  SYstematic racism and psychotherapy

Improving Object Relations with EMDR

Oops, EMDR clinician mistakes and blunders

EMDR Chonic Pain Management

Pathways to Connection:  Attachment in Everyday life

Healing the fragmented self

EMDR and the Treatment of Pain

Somatic and Attachment focused EMDR for the Chronic pain (SAFE) 

Clinical applications of the Polyvagal theory with Stephen Porges

EMDR for Chronic Pain

EMDR and attachment

EMDR Level Up

Contemporary JEDI's in EMDR treatment

EMDR Early Intervention & Rapid Response: Benefits of Integrating ASSYST

EMDR and Domestic Violence

Integrating MI and EMDR:  Working with Complex Presentations and Ambivalence

EMDR:  Psychadelics

EMDR Dissociation, past present future

EMDR and Polyvygal theory

EMDR Connection and Belonging:  A Core Human Need and Distinct Category of NC/PC's

Getting Ventral with Polyvagal Theory in EMDR therapy

Secondary Trauma and EMDR Therapy:  Implications for Clinicians

EMDR Therapy for for Complex PTSD:  An integrative approach to treating clients

Heal the Healers Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 with consultation

The History of AAT and AAT principles

Intro to Animal Assisted Therapy

Animals as Co-therapist selection, behavioral and Training

Intro to Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy

Developing Treatment Plans and Tracking outcomes in AAT

Animals as Co-therapists:  Blending Animal Interventions with a Range of Professional Theories

Animals as co-therapists:  Exploring animal assisted Interventions across Professions, settings, and Populations

Help your clients recover from Gaslighting, Narcissism, and Emotional Abuse

Sandtray 4th International Summit

Who am I (in the sandtray)

EMDR Therapy with Complex PTSD Clients through the Lenses of Resiliency

Improving First Responder Resiliency with EMDR

Animal Assisted Therapy, Live Intensive

Moving toward a sustainable and responsive telehealth EMDR

Ethics in the Sandtray

Body Image Summit, virtual (two days)

Foundations of Somatic Therapy for Trauma:  the 9 Key techniques for effective body based therapy

Resetting the Immune System, A Focus on Pans and Pandas (EMDR)

DNMS Interventions to Prepare Dysregulated, Dissociative, and Attachment-Wounded Clients for EMDR

Treating Adult Clients of Emotionally Immature Parents:  How Your Clients Can Reclaim Their Lives form the Toxic Legacy of Controlling, Rejecting or Self Involved Parents

Boundary Setting strategies:  How Your Clients Can Reclaim Emotional Autonomy 

 Using Sandtray to Explore Your Weird and Wonderful Self

Is It Really Over?  Processing Death and Divorce in the Sandtray

Images in the sand:  Powerful Tool to Explore Parts of Self & Complex Trauma

Play Your Funky Music:  Using your Personal Soundtrack in the Sandtray

Weirdly Attached, Using Sandtray to sort and create healthy attachments (Presented)

Spoons in the Sandtray:  Trauma, Chronic Illness, and Spoons

For the Jedi Council of Supervisors: Sandtray in Supervision We will learn

Somatic Therapy to Tame the Survival Response and Heal Implicit Trauma Memories 

Emotional Dysregulation in Emotionally Immature (EI) People:  When Parents are Terrified of Feelings

The Three Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence:  Helping People Find the Balance of Personal Power, Heart & Mindfulness

Somatic Therapy to Create Healthy Attachment:  Strategies to Heal Development and Relational Trauma

Trauma is Broken Connection:  Healing strategies for Attachment Injury and Relational Trauma

Mental health documentation & Medical necessity:  Simple, Clear Guidelines that Maintain Quality of Care and Protect Your practice