Y Counseling?

Are you wondering why you should consider counseling?

That's a common question and exactly the reason Heather Yasolsky named this counseling practice, Y Counseling.

Counseling brings many benefits for those who are looking for mental healing and an improvement in their mental health.

Counseling Allows You a Safe Place and a Trusted Relationship
to Explore the Challenges You are Experiencing

Time standing still?

Feel like something finished?

Want to get something done?

Beacon of hope to light the way...

for the path.

Not sure where you are going?

Need a safe place away to think?

Lacked nurturing in your life?

Or in a bed of nurturing, fatigued from all the nurturing you do?

Are you dealing with loss?

Feeling isolated or imprisoned?

Dealing with emotions?

Earth, wind, water, and fire, helping healing and growth

Dealing with the mental health issues that often lead to a variety of addictions?

Give counseling a try and let Heather Yasolsky, LPC, help you begin healing.