A Message from Heather Yasolsky, LPC

I can only speak to my office policy and my belief system about reviews for counseling.

Asking a client for an internet review is unethical. We will not solicit a review from you. If you see one for our office somewhere, we have not asked for it.

I believe our best review is your referral.

Counseling is very private for the client. I do not want you to feel the need to share any private information with anyone else. I believe that leaving a review on a website is disrespect of that trust we have in each other.

If you have a concern, please take it up with me and I will work to resolve it, or refer you to a different counselor.

If you like my work with you, thank you. Let me know, Your Healing Journey is why I do this work.

Please do not ever believe that I have solicited a review from you by email, phone, or text. It is not from our office. I DO NOT SOLICIT reviews. I respectfully ask our clients not to participate in reviewing us.