Our Office

Curious About Our Office?

Not sure what to expect when you come to see us for your counseling session?
Take a look through the pictures below of our counseling office in Altoona.    

Offering in person counseling in Altoona and Altoona Surrounding Areas.  Virtual options for Pennsylvania, depending on insurance benefits. 

Need to use an elevator? 

Get off on the 2nd floor and head to the right for that exit sign (that hall is the staircase).  Come left down the hall to the waiting room.  

Which Door Is It?

When you come upstairs, the Waiting room is the third door on the Left, and this is the door to look for. 

The office

What's on the Shelves?

Sandtray Miniatures

The shelves in the office contain a wide array of Sandtray miniatures. 

Sandtray therapy involves the use of sand and images in the sandtray to activate, stimulate, utilize, and coordinate all functions of the brain.  

The Sandtray

When one touches the sand, there is an immediate connection between the body, feelings, and sometimes thought.  

The Counselor at Y Counseling

Heather Yasolsky, LPC

Heather is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) who provides individualized counseling and personal therapy for people ages 18 to 60. Heather is trained and certified in EMDR Therapy which allows her to specialize in the treatment of complex trauma including PTSD, and anxiety-related disorders. Heather has obtained her Sandtray certification, ICST (Internationally Credential Sandtray Therapist). Heather also obtained her Animal Assisted Treatment-Interventionist Credential and is working with Nala toward becoming a therapy team.  Nala has obtained her Canine Good Citizenship title from the American Kennel Club.

This means, Heather and Nala are trained and ready to help you become your best self experiencing Post Traumatic Growth. 

Contact our office today to schedule a counseling session with Heather and get started on your healing journey.