Self Care from Local Businesses

Check out some of these local businesses that support self care routines in our area.  They may not be for everyone.  None of them are insurance based.    Support local :) 

I have had excellent results with these practitioners, and I have numerous success stories that support mental health and wellness from others when they see these practitioners.  Healing trauma at the body level.  Great weave with trauma work.  The body holds traumas, and if you can release them, you will be amazed at how the body could perform.   And, no talking about your traumas required, they are not counselors.  They are body workers. 

Honey B Reflexology offers Women's health and Holistic healing as well as all natural, hand made products.   I love all her handmade products.  I have had Reiki, aromatouch, reflexology and detox.  Every modality has helped me sleep, and function as a better version of me.  I highly recommend. 

Local.  Small Business.  Family owned and operated.  Woman owned.  

Supporting local alternative health practitioners.  

Tim is an excellent Neuro Muscular Therapist that kept me going when I needed a new hip replacement until surgery.  Since then, I attend Reiki sessions with him monthly.  Weaved in with my own work with my counselor, this has kept me healthy.  I highly recommend the team there for any of their modalities. 

Locally owned. 

Supporting local alternative health practitioners. 

Brad is amazingly knowledgeable about diet and health.  He is able to work with anyone who eats food and wants a healthy relationship with food.  He is unconditionally accepting and meets people where they are. 

There is such a HUGE link between mental health and gut health.  

*May be in network with your insurance, affordable cash rates.