Selecting a Counselor

Choosing a Counselor

The counseling journey is a difficult one to begin, especially if you have never been in counseling before.

How do you select a counselor?

There is an important question: Do you want to pay out of pocket or use insurance?

If you want to use insurance, call your insurance company and get a list of counselors. Check out their websites. Do any of them seem like you would be able to work with them? If you have an understanding of counseling theory, do any of them use that theory (a lot of us do not put theory on our websites, so do not eliminate a counselor for that alone). Are they accepting new clients? Call or email. Give it three sessions.

If you are not comfortable, at the third session talk to the counselor about it and ask for a referral to a different counselor. Often times we know other counselors in the geographic area well enough to help you find a better fit.

If you are comfortable, then as you progress sessions will occur less often until you are utilizing your new skills without much need of support from your counselor. In my office you can return any time in the future if the need arises (I cannot speak to other offices).

If you are paying out of pocket, search the internet if you want. The best referral comes from a friend who has gone to a counselor and is willing to recommend one. Or from your Pastor or Doctor. People who are familiar with the area, and the counselors in your area. Your best guide in selecting a counselor is attending a session or two, determining if you are a good fit. If you are not a good fit the counselor can usually help you find someone you would be more comfortable with.

Healing be in your journey.................