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Wh"Y" Counseling?

We all have struggles from time to time and need someone to help us get through, someone to talk to, someone non-judgmental and caring.  Specializing in non-talk therapies like EMDR, Sandtray and Animal Assisted Therapy. 

Seeking help with relationships? Seeking help with managing anxiety? Seeking help with a history of trauma? Is your past stopping you from becoming the best version of you?  Is there a recurring theme that you cannot figure out where the self sabotage button is? 

Have you tried counseling before and it has not gone well? Have you thought about counseling before and never taken that step to make and attend an appointment?  Now is the time.  

"Y" go with a counselor who carries certifications or credentials?  Would you go to your Primary Care Physician for Brain Surgery?  Even counselors specialize.  My credentials and certifications speak to the areas I have chosen to obtain extra education, maintain a level of education to keep those, and also received supervision those areas.  I also have Consultants available in my areas of niche that could support me if I am stuck.  I have begun Consulting for other counselors in the area of trauma and attachment work.  Counselors will list their credentials or certifications.  If you are looking for a particular type of therapy, you will want someone who specializes (has those letters after their name). 

EMDR helps people process trauma without needing to talk about it.  I am EMDR certified, meaning I have completed hundreds of EMDR sessions with clients, maintain at least six hours of continuing education annually to stay up to date with new research.  I have also received supervision and consultation with EMDR cases.  I know when I need help, and when I am what a client needs.  Important in trauma work. 

ICST, means I am credentialed in Sandtray.  My newest credential, though the form of therapy I have been using the longest.  It took me time to decide what program to get my credentials with.  I was hours away from completing my certification when I decided there was a more well rounded program available and "began again."  Obtaining my ICST last year.  I have received hundreds of hours of training using Sandtray to support client success.  I trained my first International Training in April 2024 for Sandtray, Weirdly Attached.  I have received almost a hundred hours of supervision and consultation in Sandtray since I began in 2008.  When we choose to work in the Sandtray I am considered expert level. 

AAT-I is my Animal Assisted Treatment-Interventionist.  I am Credentialed.  Nala and I are working toward becoming a registered Therapy Team.  She has her Canine Good Citizenship title from the American Kennel Club.  Hundreds of hours of reading and being in lecture.  Attending a live seminar and practicing animal assisted techniques.  Consulting regularly with an Animal Assisted Mentor.  Animal Assisted is new in the world of credentials for adult therapy.  Nala's presence supports clients remaining focused and calm during session.  She helps ground people, and reminds you when to play.  She is also very excited to greet everyone who comes to the office.  You know you are loved. 

Offering Sandtray Informed EMDR Intensives.  EMDR Intensives shorten the length of your work, they help out especially with breaking intergenerational trauma, attachment injury, or if you notice a habit in relationships that keeps showing up.  Your little voice says "I am not enough, I have no value, I am not worthy."  When these little voices rule the world, sometimes Intensives are the way to go.   

These styles of counseling are not for everyone, but if they are for you, find someone who is credentialed or certified.  If you are looking for CBT, I do that work, but I am not certified, other counselors may be.  

This office is affirming of all Body Styles and Genders.  There is an elevator, the stairs have handrails, and all bathrooms are ADA equipped.  Walking aids will fit through the doors.   Come as you are.  Provider preference is to call people by their preferred name (completed in the intake paperwork, prior to first meeting), please call me Heather (she/her).   Please do not let history of being discriminated against stop you from your mental health treatment.   

Offering in person counseling for clients in Altoona, PA and the surrounding areas. 

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Attend counseling to help move your healing journey forward
with someone who is not emotionally attached to any of the decisions you need to make.


Journeys are a series of steps. 

Call us at 814-515-9020
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forward in your journey. 

Specialty Areas

Providing individual counseling for individuals from ages 18 to 65 and specialize in the following areas: 





Domestic Violence

Grief & Loss

Attachment Issues

Victims of Sexual Abuse

Abandonment Issues  

All Are Welcome 

We are here to help everyone who needs us, including individuals with special scheduling issues, such as First Responders, Medical Professionals, Counselors, Law Enforcement, and Correctional Staff. 

Contact us to discuss options that will meet your schedule. 

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Accepting New Patients

We are currently accepting new clients for Telehealth by video conferencing using the encrypted Spruce Health App or face to face in our office. With an email address you will be invited to complete all paperwork prior to your first appointment by e-sign. We invite you to call to set up an appointment time (or check out the link below).  We look forward to working with you. 

Established clients are able to schedule using an online client portal with password.  (This is how scheduling is done in our office, through the portal) 

New Clients can see our present availability by following the link (signed in with a patient portal you will also schedule here): 

Accepting new in person and virtual EMDR clients. 

If you schedule a session and do not show for the session without giving 48 hours notice you will receive a $50 No Show fee that will need to paid in order to reschedule.  

Located at 217 Union Ave, 2nd Floor (Suite 201).  Conveniently above the laundromat/dry cleaners and the Athenian Cafe.  On the second floor there is a MyoFascial Release Therapist group, Chiropractor, and Speech Therapist.  Maintain your anonymity when you arrive, no one needs to know why you came in the building. 

Once you enter the front door of the building the stairs are on the right, the elevator to your left.  (either way to the second floor works)

From the elevator you move right to the top of the stairs, open the door down the long hallway.  The waiting room is the third door on the left.  The first door that has a window in the doorway.  Have a seat and wait for your appointment.  

Bathrooms are handicap accessible.  The doorways will manage any supportive equipment.  We are a body affirming place.  

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