At times one may find themselves in the midst of life’s challenges wondering how they got there. Regardless of circumstances, I believe every person has the capacity and resilience within themselves to find the path they want to live. I utilize verbal, creative, and movement-based therapy approaches.  Educating clients on possible approaches to help them, and then allowing them to decide what fits their needs best demonstrates my understanding that people have the ability within to heal.  I will journey alongside you to encourage greater self-awareness and facilitate the mind body connection. By understanding and developing the mind body connection, one can understand the messages our emotions offer, giving us information about the path to make the changes necessary promoting self-growth and happiness.

I am person-centered.  Using a relational approach that draws from Cognitive Behavioral therapy, mindfulness and embodied techniques, I offer a supportive collaborative approach to healing that taps into both the authentic self, and individual creativity and strength.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and a registered Dance Movement Therapist I invite clients to take a step outside of the pressure to speak, working to find value in their whole person.

No matter the concern, the idea of therapy can feel vulnerable and overwhelming, but what if it's actually the starting point that leads us toward the path we want to live?

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