Philosophy of Care

I believe in:

  • Harnessing your natural power and resiliency.
  • The power of mindfulness (or Spiritual connection with Higher Power)
  • The natural ability for people to be able to become the best version of themselves.

I believe that you:

  • deserve unconditional love
  • can feel pain without suffering
  • know the direction you want to take your life, just need some guidance to change tracks

I believe that therapy works best when:

  • both you and your therapist are invested in your healing
  • you and your therapist meet consistently
  • you are able to take charge  of the path you want to take

I believe that change is possible when

  • with consistent and persistent action one moves forward
  • when you allow yourself to ask for help and take action
  • when you take the steps to accept the help offered

Counseling Services

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